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Saturday, January 8th, 2011 01:57 pm
- List 10 characters
- Tag anyone~

1 - Kira
2 - Hanatarou
3 - Yumichika
4 - Hichigo
5 - Renji
6 - Ikkaku
7 - Gin
8 - Grimmjow
9 - Byakuya
10 -Zaraki

1) If 5 (Renji) wanted to go out with 3 (Yumichika) or 7 (Gin), who would it be?
Gin would probably be interesting, but he's evil and Renji isn't like that's ever stopped me pairing two characters together before, so I'd have to say Renji would rather go with Yumichika.

2) 9 (Byakuya) asks 2 (Hanatarou) to kiss 4 (Hichigo). 4 (Hichigo)'s reaction?
Evil laughter that terrifies Hanatarou into a dead faint, right before he attacks Byakuya for the lulz.

3) 6 (Ikkaku) invites everyone but 10 (Zaraki) to their recital. How does 10 (Zaraki) react?
Smashes Ikkaku into the ground next training session, not that he would've gone to such a wimpy thing anyway.

4) 8 (Grimmjow) and 4 (Hichigo) get into a huge fight. Who would confront them, 6 (Ikkaku) or 2 (Hanatarou)?
Ikkaku might, if he wants to fight both of them at once.

5) If 3 (Yumichika) finds 10 (Zaraki) sleeping in their bed by surprise, what would happen?
Sigh and go find somewhere else to sleep.

6) If 9 (Byakuya) was kidnapped by 1 (Kira), who would rescue them? 2 (Hanatarou) or 8 (Grimmjow)?
I'd imagine Hanatarou would try, brave little guy that he is.

7) Would 5 (Renji) give 7 (Gin) a gift?
If by "gift" you mean "full-force attack with bankai", then yes. Otherwise, no.

8) What would you do if you saw 2 (Hanatarou) naked?
Ask him who hid his clothes/directed him into the women's changing area/baths. Poor kid gets pranked too much.

9) 10 (Zaraki) and 5 (Renji) are watching a movie, until the phone rings. Who goes to pick it up?
Renji, because Zaraki glares at him him until he moves.

10) What would 8 (Grimmjow) do if their loved one was killed by 1 (Kira)?
Grimmjow has loved ones? Well, if he did, he'd probably kill Kira in revenge.

11) What would happen if 9 (Byakuya) became a rock star?
Rukia would be his biggest fan and insist on producing the official artwork, the SWA would take over all promotional thingummywhatsits and Renji would either be avoiding the whole mess or supporting him.

12) You force 6 (Ikkaku) and 4 (Hichigo) to go to a rock concert with you. Did they like or hate the concert?
Depends how violent the lyrics are.

13) 8 (Grimmjow) is trapped underwater. Would 2 (Hanatarou) rescue them?
Maybe. If he didn't realise that Grimmjow was a powerful and psychotic Espada.

14) You won tickets to go see a sports game. Who would you take along? 9 (Byakuya) or 6 (Ikkaku)?
Football, ice hockey, rugby - Ikkaku. Equestrian sports, figure skating, gymnastics - Byakuya. It's all a matter of what sports. I guess they'd both enjoy martial arts, but Byakuya is more civilised, so I'd take him.


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