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Friday, October 1st, 2010 01:13 am
First off... I'm not sure if I like this skipping ahead to the aftermath of the fight or not. It feels a bit like cheating, completely skipping over the flirting between Byakushi and Ken-chan Yammy fight, but on the other hand it's probably a good thing KT didn't go into massive detail about the clean up in FKT.

Mayuri is still a heartless bastard with no concern for the lives of others though. Good to see some things never change. I wonder what he did with those bodies he recovered from Szayel's specimen room. My theory is that he sent them back to his own labs with Nemu to be preserved for whatever nasty experiments he plans for them.

Not gonna lie, I thought Hiyori was naked at first. Not a nice thought. I don't care if KT gave us that cleavage shot, I'm not gonna stop thinking of her as a prepubescent brat. Unohana does seem to have stripped all the Vizard though, at least on their top halves. They look like mummies.

Lisa, Shinji, Hachi, Love and Rose are all up and about. Hiyori "should be alright for the time being". Urgh. Hiyori is tied with Mashiro for the most annoying of the Vizard. Don't want her to live.

But where are Kensei and Mashiro? They were last seen fighting Wonderweiss. We know they didn't win, but surely KT wouldn't just write them out like that, without someone even mentioning their deaths?

No sign of Kira, Iba, Shuuhei, Soifon, Yoruichi, Isshin, Kyouraku, Ukitake, Toushirou, Komamura or Rangiku though. Or Yamamoto. Don't know if I want the old bastard to be dead or not.

Unohana thinks of the Vizard as allies, even if the sentiment isn't returned. I don't think she's ever been against them. Where would her loyalties lie if the new Central 46 decided to eradicate the Vizard?

Zaraki and Byakuya are all torn up, but not so badly they can't walk. I guess they both like it rough :D Very, very yummy shot of them in this chapter. I love how Byakuya's scarf is completely spotless, as if there's some sort of spell on it keeping it clean. Yachiru's a little monster, as usual, but she can be forgiven. They did forget about her.

Pfft. Silly squad member. Those are mere flesh wounds to those two.

They really did maim Yammy. I guess being "boring as fuck" saved him from death. We've seen before that Zaraki only fights for the fun of it and doesn't like to kill a defenceless opponent, after all.

No sign of Isane and Hanatarou this chapter. Personally I think they must have come through the Garganta first, with Mayuri, in order to help with the post-battle healing. That is their job after all.

Puppycar is cute. I want a pet like that. Yammy seems to care for him at least a little. Hell, he probably cares more for that puppy than he did for any of his comrades. I think Yammy might be dead though. And looking at him compared to the size of the buildings, it's easy to see why Mayuri left a specimen behind.

KT reads fanfiction, I'm sure of it. The whole "Aizen might just be misunderstood and Ichigo starts to understand him a little bit" and the "Aizen is sealed/depowered and given to the 'mercy' of Central 46" is a plot I've seen quite a few times usually to faciliate Ichigo/bad guy romance. I hope I'm wrong and that Ichigo will see that turning traitor and starting a war on the world is not the solution to... well... anything.

Yay for Ichigo's friends not getting mind-raped to preserve the status quo. At least Ichigo seems to be willing to actually explain things now. I hope he gets the chance to.

The idea that maybe Aizen wanted to be defeated is an interesting one. It would explain quite a bit, such as the whole part where he openly started a war when he had everyone blinded to his actions and could have continued manipulating them from the inside!

The nakama are all alive and in one piece. Yay! Orihime's blubbering is annoying, but she can be forgiven - last time she saw Ichigo he transformed into a raging psychopathic monster willing to kill his own friends in order to obliterate a single enemy. Seeing him alive and himself is probably a relief for her. I'm so reading RukiHime in that little smile of Rukia's. Sorry.

Ichigo's collapse... he's lost his Shinigami powers. But nothing was said about his Hollow side. Is that taking over now? Guess we'll find out next week.


I've seen the fandom wank post, with its links to places. And I have a few things to say about them.

First off, can the UlquiHime shippers please get their heads out of their arses? Even if there was the remotest chance of it being canon, she's hardly gonna show up with a fucking Espada at her side. Ulquiorra is still the enemy of the Shinigami, which is something most UlquiHime shippers seem to forget. Stop treating your ship as if it's canon.

The same thing could be said to the IchiHime and IchiRuki shippers, to be perfectly honest. Even though both ships have backing in canon, neither one is confirmed yet. If you have to make one girl look bad in order to solidify your belief that the other one should be with Ichigo, then maybe the ship isn't as certain as you think it is. As for the claims on one community that Rukia's lines are being mistranslated just because they don't show an IchiRuki bias; can I have some of whatever you're smoking or snorting? On second thoughts, don't. You guys are all cray-cray.

I think a lot of the IchiRuki and IchiHime shippers need to remember one thing; these two girls are friends. They care about each other. They want each other to be happy. Just because you prefer one over the other, doesn't mean they secretly plan to stab each other in the back. Stop projecting your own insecurities onto Rukia and Orihime.

Shipping wars. Bah. Makes me glad I'm too fucking lazy to get involved.


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