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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 04:18 am
(copied from a [ profile] customers_suck post originally made by [ profile] funnelwebkitten...)

Dear arsehole of immense proportions,

When you rushed up to the front desk carrying your distraught, upset and crying child and shouting that the 'guide dog belonging to the retard' had bitten your daughter, there are a number of protocols that we have to follow, the first is ascertain by a quick eyeballing of your child if she needs us to call an ambulance, having noticed no obvious bite marks, or even clothes tears, our next action is to call the Police, by law we have to report ANY dog biting incident.

When I mention to my colleague that the Police will want to review the CCTV* footage from that area, and could she get a copy made of the footage and put it on either a flash drive or a floppy so we can hand it over as soon as the police arrive, you suddenly do not pick up your daughter from the desk, and start babbling that 'it was all a mistake, and there's no need to call the cops' and that you 'overreacted' and then you just as suddenly leave our centre at a great rate of knots.

That makes ME so very very suspicious, so we go into the lovely cramped closet that is our 'security centre' and watch the footage, and what do we see, our lovely blind client waiting patiently for her appointment with her therapist, her lovely guide dog sitting there by her side in the alert but not working position and then we see YOU. We see you, with your daughter in your arms, walk up to the guide dog, place your daughter BY the dogs head, and then we see YOU, lift your foot up, take aim and KICK the poor guide dog hard in the ribs, our CCTV doesn't have sound but even we could tell that the dog yelped in agony and yes she snapped at your daughter, there was NO contact.

So dear arsehole when you get the letter from our centre manager telling you in no uncertain terms that YOU are banned from ever setting foot within the property boundaries, be aware that the ban only is for you, it's not your daughters fault that she has an arsehole for a father and it's not your wifes fault that she is married to a lowlife who would kick a guide dog in some pitiful attempt to gain god only knows what from us.

Also be aware that I am fairly certain that you will be getting a letter from our lovely blind clients' lawyer who will be telling you that you either cough up for the vet fees which his client accrued when she had to take her guide dog to the vet to check whether or not you had broken any of her dogs ribs and also for some possible retraining that the poor thing might have to undergo, as now it appears that she has taken to cringing whenever males of a certain body type approach her, which in a guide dog is not something you can have, or you will find yourself on the end of a court case.

Our lovely client is devestated and distraught that her beloved companion of the past six years might have to be retired from her service because of your stupid, immoral, immensely arseholish action, our centre will take great delight in furnishing her lawyer with a copy of the CCTV footage that shows you in all your supreme arseholish glory and I hope that you get what you deserve.

No Love whatsoever

* We are a Govt approved respite care/emergency drop in centre for young children in foster/govt care, some of our young clients come from very unfortunate backgrounds and have 'issues' that are not of their own making and can display innapropriate behaviours, in order to protect our workers/staff/volunteers from any accusations of any sort of improper behaviour, our center is CCTV'ed up the wazoo, we have cameras running 24/7/365 in every room. Yes it can be intrusive, but sadly in this day and age, it's something we need.